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During the working day we sometimes really want to energise ourselves with a cup of good natural coffee. It’s not hard to satisfy all the «coffee whims» of your employees - you just need to install an automatic coffee machine in your office.
A cup of coffee in the morning will help you get rid of your sleepiness and get ready for a working day. In the midst of work a fragrant drink will easily drive away your fatigue.
A cup of coffee offered to a client will show care and will predispose them towards the company. Coffee scent will create an informal atmosphere during business negotiations. Great ideas and solutions to difficult problems frequently arise over a cup of coffee. It is simple - the drink stimulates the brain.
The best coffee machine for the office is the one that can fully satisfy the needs of all employees and clients. When choosing coffee equipment it is important to consider the number of employees and visitors of the office.
For a small company a coffee machine of drop, capsule or cialda type would be perfect. These machines are not very fast but they can provide 5-10 people with hot coffee.
Drop coffee machines make simple americano and work on natural ground coffee that is processed with 90°C water. A ready drink accumulates in a glass or plastic container with a volume of up to 1 litre. They are not expensive and don’t take much space.
Espresso coffee machines are not the best option for an office. They require certain skills and time. Strength of the drink depends on the grounding and the degree of tramped-down coffee mass in a holder. These are done manually.
Besides, after each portion the holder needs to be washed. These nuances show that espresso coffee machines are not a perfect fit for an office.
Usually they are installed in coffee shops and restaurants. Professional baristas use them to show their skills and mastery.
Cialda coffee machines is the most suitable type for an office. They work similar to espresso ones but use ready-made coffee pods, wrapped in a paper filter.
Capsule coffee machines work on ground coffee in a container wrapped with foil. After the start signal the capsule is pierced and its contents are brewed. A minute later the machine is ready with a portion of a fragrant drink.

However, none of these coffee machines can provide enough for a big number of employees. For them it’s better to purchase an automatic coffee machine that works on ground or whole-bean coffee.
The more people there are in the office, the more various their coffee preferences are. Some prefer black coffee - espresso, americano, lungo, ristretto. Others drink only coffee with milk - cappuccino or latte. And some people don’t have any specific preferences and like different coffee - depending on mood and atmosphere.
But everyone wants to get high-quality coffee prepared according to all the rules.
Modern coffee machines make it possible to satisfy these kinds of needs without a professional barista. You can just press a button and wait for a couple of seconds.
To conclude, the best coffee machine for an office with no more than 50 people is an automatic one. It has high performance and can provide coffee for a big number of people.
Bean-to-cup coffee machine is an ideal solution for an office. It is equipped with its own grinder and can go through the cycle of coffee preparation without human involvement. This smart machine will ground the beans, prepare specific dosage, tramp it down, brew and fill a cup that has been warmed up in advance.
If a coffee machine installed in the office also has a built-in cappuccinator, the range of possible drinks becomes significantly wider. This device will be able to make different types of coffee with milk.
Automatic coffee machine has the following useful functions:
  • automatic turn-off;
  • quantity regularisation;
  • self-cleaning system;
  • strength regularisation;
  • set-up and memory of the brewing regime;
  • water filtering;
  • simultaneous preparation of several portions.
To ensure uninterrupted work of bean-to-cup automatic coffee machines it is important to load necessary ingredients (coffee beans, milk) on time and to control water levels (if the machine is not connected to standard piping).
Bean-to-cup coffee machines should have a high performance, wide range of drinks and be easy to use.