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Natural coffee beans are recommended for use with modern coffee makers. However, when choosing raw materials you should avoid the following:

  • do not experiment with an instant drinks - it doesn’t matter what the ad says on the package or how low is the price. If granules end up inside the machine, the process will end in a call to the service company;
  • another dangerous experiment is the one with flavoured coffee. Coffee beans that have gone through the flavouring process turn into a very dense viscous mass during the grounding which disrupts the work of millstones. This would require professional cleaning of the machine.

Coffee beans should be of medium or coarse grind. Fine grind is not suitable for automatic machines as it blocks coffee supply into the equipment.


Taste preferences determine the roasting type. The most fashionable drink of the 20th century - espresso - is made with well-roasted beans. A perfect espresso is a result of mixing Arabica and Robusta in different proportions.

Fans of cappuccino (the second most popular coffee drink) appreciate its splendid scent and tender creamy foam. For this connoisseurs usually prefer medium roasted Arabica.

Mocaccino combines coffee strength and chocolate tenderness. It has gained immediate popularity among millions of people right after its emergence. It is made of espresso, milk and chocolate. Since it’s very difficult to take into account all subtleties of preparations and customer preferences in an office, fast food place or a hotel, automatic machines are the best solutions.


These days there are many great solutions for automatic coffee makers - ready-made mixes of natural coffee beans and other ingredients.

Owners of Nescafe Alegria can get any of the 14 high-quality mixes that are available for them. Guests of any establishment have an opportunity to choose and purchase the drink they liked the most.

It’s enough to simply press the button to get a cup of delicate latte, grand mocaccino or invigorating espresso.

Professional barista in your business - Nescafe Alegria and the best natural coffee for automatic coffee machines!

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