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Many coffee lovers appreciate the invention of automatic coffee makers and coffee machines. Now it is much quicker and easier to make a cup of coffee. Variety of models and prices in shops and on the Internet make it possible to choose a coffee machine for home, cafe, office or a restaurant. The main difference between them is their performance and a set of functions.

Automatic coffee machine for cafes, restaurants or bars should have high performance and be able to make a wide range of drinks. Elite restaurants and coffee shops with professional baristas prefer automatic espresso coffee machines. They require special knowledge and experience. They let you make coffee drinks and their quality will depend on barista’s skill.
Coffee should be ground correctly and tramped down in a special holder. Strength of the drink depends on the quality and type of grounding (the smaller the mass of coffee, the stronger the coffee).
All the following steps are made by the machine. It boils water until it starts vaporising and lets the steam go through the coffee mass under the specified pressure (from 4 to 15 bars). The stronger the pressure, the more fragrant the drink is and the less time it takes to prepare. Automatic espresso makers can have:
  • cappuccinator - whisks milk, cream and adds them to coffee;
  • additional pump that allows making 2 types of drinks at the same time (espresso and cappuccino);
  • double nozzle to pour the drink into two cups at the same time;
  • coffee mill (these models are called espresso-processors);
  • a device that can make cialdas (coffee pods or single-serve coffee containers).
Automatic espresso coffee machines require that the holder be cleaned and washed after each preparation cycle. If it isn’t done, the remains of already processed coffee will spoil the taste of the next portion. Coffee’s taste is influenced also by the material the holder is made of. In a metallic one coffee mass warms up better, and the drink turns out to be rich, dense and with dark steady foam. In a plastic one coffee becomes a little sour and watered-down.
Human involvement comes down to choosing the type, strength and volume of a drink. Automatic coffee machine with a built-in coffee mill works with whole beans and carries out the full cycle of drink preparation. It creates coffee mass, grounds beans, dispenses the dose, tramps it down, brews and pours a ready drink into a cup. Raw materials are thrown out in a special waste container. Almost all automatic coffee machine models are equipped with the soft-water and cleaning system.
For uninterrupted work of such a device it is enough to ensure that there is always water and coffee beans inside and that the waste is discarded from time to time. To enjoy high-quality coffee everyday with your family, you can buy an automatic coffee machine for home which is different from the industrial one in the following way:
  • type of pump that creates the necessary pressure that determines how quickly the drink is made (the home ones use a vibration pump);
  • comparatively low price;
  • a number of portions that can be prepared at the same time;
  • performance, size and service simplicity.
Coffee machines of other types can also be purchased for home and they have a more acceptable price:
  1. Drop coffee machines make a portion of coffee without foam (Americano) in a couple of minutes.
  2. Cialda coffee machines work similar to espresso ones. Use ready-made pressed coffee pods (cialdas).
  3. Capsule coffee machines work with plastic containers with coffee mass inside, sealed with foil (capsules).
However, whatever coffee machine model you choose, it is important to remember: you shouldn’t save up on the quality of raw materials for coffee. Even the most perfect machine will not be able to make a good drink out of bad ingredients.